United States

Dutch Docklands USA LLC has been launched recently in a strategic move to diversify our markets. read more


Dutch Docklands is currently working on a project of a floating 5-star hotel in Norway in one of the most beautiful natural surroundings on earth. The design is based on an icecrystal which blends-in naturally with the "winter environment" between the most beautiful fjords. read more

Middle East

‘OQYANA REAL ESTATE’ inks deal with ‘Dutch Docklands’ for work on exclusive private island villas within the ‘OQYANA WORLD FIRST’ development on ‘The World Islands’ project in Dubai read more


Dutch Docklands does not only lead the market, but also designs new lifestyles for living on the water. These lifestyles are realized and visualized in the Dutch Docklands Homeproducts. read more


Worldwide many countries and/or cities are facing problems effected by excessive water through climate change, heavy rainfall and rising sea levels. read more