United States

Leveraging our expertise in The United States will give its cities solutions to build on water.
 For many centuries, the Dutch have been fighting the rising seas.Therefore we have changed our mind-set from ' Fighting AGAINST the water'  into “Living WITH the water”.
 National Geographic published (September 2013 issue) a thorough study about climate change and sea level rise. They have made a list with the top 5 cities worldwide, with regards to exposed assets and that will be affected the most if the sea level will rise. Number one (1) is Miami, New York takes the third (3) place in the global rankings. The floods caused by super storm Sandy are living proof of the vulnerability of these cities.
Dutch Docklands can provide safe and sustainable Floating solutions based on centuries of Know H2Ow from The Netherlands to spur new markets, innovation and unlimited opportunities that can assist cities around the globe.