Green Intellectual Property

Green Intellectual Property is a continue process of building up our Know-How of scarless floating developments.

Our aim for carbon neutral developments is based on the four main elements; food, water, energy and shelter. By keeping the process ongoing of innovation in our Green IP, such as sweet water storage, renewable energy by way of floating solar blanket fields, floating agriculture and fresh water storage/production we are determined to set the 21st century standards for floating developments to reduce carbon emissions and  contribute to a greener world. Building up this green Know-How comes mostly from experience.

The Green IP which we gather from our developments in the Maldives, where the Government of the Maldives is our Joint-Venture partner, we will use for our projects in other vulnerable parts of the world. Enhancing our Green IP is a key task in Dutch Docklands global strategy to remain the world leader in sustainable and environmentall friendly floating developments.