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Dutch Docklands International BV

Who we are


Dutch Docklands International BV, Master developer on water is an innovative company in a new global market that we have created ourselves, based on hundreds of years of experience in the Netherlands in working with the water.

Know H2ow

Dutch Docklands is the global leader in Floating developments, concepts and infrastructure. Strategic alliances are a very important tool to keep our Intellectual Property, on water-based floating technology, at the highest level. Our Intellectual Property (IP) is based on hundreds of years of experience in the battle against water in the Netherlands.

Our technology for the construction of large scale floating units are protected by patents to ensure that the execution of our floating projects are guaranteed, meeting our stringent quality levels. The Dutch Docklands Fingerprints® and Dutch Docklands Comfort Targets® provide a unique solution for any specific floating project anywhere in the world, by way of self-developed sophisticated software programs.



The first floating houseboat is introduced into Amsterdam’s famous canals


Huge floods in the Netherlands leads to the implementation of the Delta Plan – an engineering project to protect countries from rising sea levels


Dutch Docklands is founded. Thousands of floating homes have been constructed in the Netherlands


Dutch Docklands sets a benchmark for vibrant communities beyond the waterfront by launching the Maldives Floating City