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Why we do it

Floating City Apps for Wetslums

Comparable to adjusting your smart phone with apps according to your changing needs you can also adjust the functionality in a slum by adding functions with Floating City Apps.

Dutch Docklands aims to improve life of the poorest in wetslums around the world. With a simple but powerfull approach the authorities, investors and local entrepreneurs are brought together in a lease model for floating small scale functions.

City Apps are floating developments based on a standard sea-freight container. They can be added to slum using the space on water. Because of their flexibility and small size they are suitable for installing and upgrading sanitation, housing and communication. Floating City Apps have the ability to influence growth of new slums. This makes Floating City Apps a growth planning tool for municipalities.

With City Apps a new approach for wetslum upgrading can be started:

  • No need for space on land but using available space on water.
  • No static but flexible solutions which are adjustable and are re-usable.
  • No planning of new projects but implementing replicable products.
  • Not donating money or goods but investing in slums
  • No time consuming procedures but effective instant solutions
  • No Top down overall solution for a slum, but bottom up small scale answers to needs for a targeted group of clients

To succeed in our goal to upgrade wetslums a solid network of building support and trust is needed. We work with the proven effectiveness of the network of IHE UNESCO which has hydraulic engineers all over the world. These local advisors open the road to lasting partnerships with local NGO’s, Universities embassies and local politicians.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together